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Paint With Me

Let's get scrivadelly

Hello! Above you’ll find another painting tutorial. I made this last year for my now defunct Patreon. It’ll be new to most, but not all of you. Paint along with me if you want. You’ll need gouache, brushes, water, and watercolor paper.

Paint me!

A New Slowpoke Dynamic

In other news, I’ve been wrestling with whether or not to put some of these posts behind a paywall. I keep going back and forth, but I think I’ve settled on something that makes sense to me.

These painting demos require extra effort, so, moving forward, they’ll be accessible to paying subscribers only. Free Slowpoke subscriptions will be unchanged. Paid subscriptions will have access to tutorial videos and perhaps some other illustration education and process stuff too. I haven’t figured out exactly what that will look like yet, but we can talk about it. I’m open to suggestions.

Basically, the free subscription will be my creative outlet and the paid subscription will have an educational bent.

Paid subscribers power this newsletter. If that is you:

If it’s not, but you’d like to join the club: please do! Subscriptions are $6/month or $50/year.

Become a paid subscriber!

There’s also a Founding Member option for those of you who love Slowpoke and have cash to spare. The suggested fee for that is $150 and Founding Members get presents: a handmade Slowpoke pin and a risograph printed Thank You card. All subscriptions can be gifted as well.

Each one is different because radical inefficiency is the Slowpoke way.

Do you have questions? About subscriptions or about this painting tutorial? Ask them below. I’m happy to answer them. And thanks, as always, for your support, financial or otherwise. It all means a lot to me.


Video Erratum: I graduated from the University of Montana in 1998, not 1993. Ahem.